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megaDOK Informationsservice


megaDOK Firmensitz

megaDOK Informationsservice

The collaborators of megaDOK Informationsservice are information brokers. They search for information in special databases as well as in the Internet for particularly small and medium-sized enterprises and founders of a new business.

The specialized portal Engineering for Saxony-Anhalt (Fachportal Maschinenbau) was brought into being by megaDOK and is updated dayly.

In addition megaDOK is on behalf of two federations and an enterprise publisher of three technical periodicals in the field of blasting technique and demolition.

megaDOK Informationsservice has been existed in its current form since 1991. It came from the Information Centre for Explosives created 1960 in the former Sprengstoffwerk Schönebeck.

Therefore the team of megaDOK has special technical knowledge and produces the database EXDOK relating to blasting technique, explosives and pyrotechnics. The database is available via Internet: www.fiz-technik.de